Jolo shifts the paradigm, giving you the power in your job search.
Save time and enjoy the process!

Transforming Job Hunting with Jolo

We’ve experienced the pain of job searching. It’s lonely and depressing, and it can feel like no one is on your side. You spend hours and hours searching for job sites to search for jobs. Apply. Upload resumes. Fill out forms. Send cover letters. Repeat. Wait for someone to respond. We knew there had to be a better way and that’s why we built Jolo.

Why You Should Use Jolo:

No Resumes
No Cover Letters
No Hunting for Job Sites
No Hunting for Jobs

Create a profile on Jolo, and our algorithms will present you with job opportunities you’ll be interested in. Customize your profile to fine-tune your matches. We go beyond the resume. This is your job search, and you should be in control of your narrative and journey.

With Jolo You Can Share:

How You Want To Work
Your Values
The Benefits That Matter To You
Your Professional Journey
Your Goals
And more!
Resumes have been a part of the job search journey since as early as 1482 when even the great Leonardo DaVinci utilized one, and yet, he didn’t secure the position…

How It Works
Simplifying Your Job Search Process

1) Post Your Profile

Profiles are anonymous so you don’t need to worry about your colleagues finding out, and you don’t need to worry about unconscious bias.

2) Get Matched

Once your profile is posted, you’ll start seeing opportunities.
View. Swipe. Like. Match. Connect.

3) Start the Conversation

If there’s a mutual match with you and a job opportunity, you decide whether to reveal your personal profile and start a conversation.

4) Share Feedback

Jolo’s automated follow-up process works on your behalf to ensure there’s follow-up and feedback.

We’re All Ghostbusters with Jolo

Jolo’s automated follow-up process works on your behalf to ensure there’s a response and feedback within a timely manner.

Ghosting and lengthy recruiting processes have become all too common. This is not surprising since companies have had all the power in job search with no accountability. Jolo allows candidates to leave feedback so future candidates will know if a company is responsive and if their process is reasonable and honest.

User reviews are the best way to hold companies accountable and ensure the recruiting process is a positive experience. Jolo is built for you, and it will be powered by your participation and reviews. Together, we can change job search for the better.