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Navigating the Challenges of Talent Acquisition

We understand the challenges of finding the right talent in today’s competitive and expansive job market. As candidates, we’ve been in situations where we thought we were a perfect fit for a role, but discovered it too late. As hiring managers, we’ve been overwhelmed by the flood of resumes for each job posting. Despite numerous resources, there hasn’t been a reliable place for companies to quickly find pre-sourced candidates seeking similar jobs. The current process is often random and inexact, leading to long recruitment cycles, costly external recruiters, short tenures, or all of the above. Jolo is here to solve those problems.

Download the app and experience Jolo for yourself. Join the future of job searching by posting your open roles on Jolo. The platform is completely free to use during our initial launch.

Timely Talent Discovery
Mitigating Missed Opportunities
Efficient Recruitment Process
Save Time and Money
Find Candidates Who Fit Your Culture
Expand Your Reach
Remove Unconscious Bias
“This is definitely easier than my current hiring process. I don’t have to read resumes or keep track of emails. I like that I can just sit at home and look through candidates in my spare time”

— Recruiter Using Jolo

How It Works
Discover the Benefits of Using Jolo

1) It’s Fast

Open the app and review candidates who meet your requirements and match on culture and values. Swipe. Like. Match. Connect. It’s that easy.

2) It’s Cost Effective

Creating a company profile is free. When you have a job you need to fill, pay only for what you post, at a fraction of the cost you’d pay a recruiter.

3) It’s Free of Unconscious Bias

Profiles are anonymous. Decisions to like a profile are based only on the information shared by the candidate so you can be assured you are making decisions without biases.

4) It’s Easy to Use

There’s no software to download and no minimum commitments required. Download the app. Create a profile. When you’re ready, post a job in a completely self-service platform.

5) It’s a Platform to Shine

With our unique onboarding, Jolo allows your company to highlight its unique values and benefits to truly stand out from the crowd. Everyone says the right things but not everyone does the right things. At Jolo, you can stand apart and attract like-minded candidates.